Research, Instruction & Outreach Librarian
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visual material

film talks: embrace

As part of the promotion for the Embrace screening, Liz created flyers and posters to be distributed around campus and online. The theme of researching the "body positivity movement" is included on the promotional materials through popular hashtags on the topic.

film talks - research guide

As part of the Film Talks series, Liz designed and created a research guide, which accompanied the film screening, and includes the discussion questions created by our faculty collaborator. Students were directed to the guide via

lunch poems "playlist"

As part of the Lunch Poems series, Liz created a "playlist" of library poetry resources, and designed a poster to promote them. Select your cup of tea by clicking on a tea cup and exploring our poetry collection. The poster was displayed at our "lunch poems" series, and shared via

"loose poems"

As part of the Lunch Poems series, Liz compiled contemporary and classic poetry, with the assistance of an MFA poetry student. The poems were turned into "loose poems" made available at the poetry reading.

Liz designed the "loose poems" flyer using canva.

Explore Poetry at Alkek.png

explore poetry at alkek

As part of the April 2016 library newsletter, Liz King and Jessica McClean created an infographic depicting our Library's collection of poetry. The colored dots indicate the number of poetry books we have in each sub-genre. Reports were generated in our ILS (Sierra) to ensure the accuracy of the infographic.

visual choreography

As team captain for the 2016 book cart drill team, Liz created a visual choreography handout for the team. This allowed team members to practice their choreography with color-coded indicators and music cues. The team went on to become the 2016 state champions!