Research, Instruction & Outreach Librarian
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Liz King has been teaching Information Literacy to undergraduates since 2010. She was the lead instructor for Information Literacy at Bryant & Stratton College in Albany, NY from 2010-2013. Currently, Liz develops and teaches course-specific information literacy classes for the English, Philosophy and Modern Languages Departments at Texas State University. These include undergraduate, graduate and doctoral classes at the request of faculty members. Liz also teaches regularly-scheduled Library Workshops for all University students, faculty and staff.

Liz is also an adjunct Assistant Professor at Austin Community College, where she has taught Business and Technical Communications to undergraduates since 2014.

Outside of academic work, Liz volunteered for many years at the Troy Public Library, in Lansingburgh, NY, where she taught Intro to MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint to community members.

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ACRL framework in action

Liz led the framework for information literacy task force at Texas State University from 2016-2017. The team analyzed the ACRL framework and created an online toolkit for instruction librarians to incorporate the framework into their library instruction.

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research guides

Liz creates course-specific research guides to teach students information literacy using concepts from the ACRL framework for information literacy. Her course guides incorporate theories and practices from Universal Design for Learning (UDL).

large-scale freshman orientation

Liz played a large part in designing and delivering library instruction to the 2015 record incoming freshman class of 5,727 students. 

We designed a new game show to improve audience engagement and strategic outcomes. Liz trained the student workers who co-hosted the game show.

Liz and her colleague presented a poster at ALA about this experience

library scavenger hunt

As Library Experience Librarian in the Learning Commons, Liz spearheaded a campaign to purchase edventures for the Library. She researched the software, designed the library's first online scavenger hunt, presented to the library administration, and made a budget request for the software. Liz's efforts paid off, and the library began using edventures for freshmen orientation and scavenger hunts in 2016. 

Green Door Labs (the company behind edventures) continues to use Liz's original library scavenger hunt as an example for new customers at library conferences!

online/hybrid classes

Liz teaches online, hybrid, and classroom sessions at Austin Community College. She creates video tutorials to enhance instruction of online classes. She is familiar with Blackboard, Moodle and TRACS.